Portenta Carrier


Add extra capabilities to your H7 board with the Portenta Carrier

Expose all of the Portenta H7’s peripherals and physical connectors.

Enhance the basic capabilities of your Arduino Portenta H7

The Portenta Carrier exposes all of the extra capabilities of the processor on your microcontroller board through connectors and peripherals that do not physically fit on it. There are connectors for USB, RJ-45, CAN bus, audio in and out lines, camera, DisplayPort, etc.

This design expands the default communication ports of Portenta boards to other wired and wireless protocols. Gigabit Ethernet will let you transform your board into a dedicated access point, a network drive, or even a serial-to-ethernet bridge. Adding a SIM card to the board makes it possible to connect to NBIoT or GPRS networks. Thanks to its LoRa® connectivity you can design your own gateway to host your wireless sensor network.

Adding an 8-bit camera sensor to the Portenta Carrier camera connector will help you implement any kind of computer vision application. And if the onboard computing power is not enough, you could enhance your board’s AI capabilities by adding state-of-the-art Machine Learning modules through the Carrier’s miniPCI connector (like Google’s Coral unit of computation).

Applications of the Portenta Carrier together with your Arduino Portenta H7
  • Computing machines for industrial environments
  • High-end portable dataloggers
  • Gateways between M2M networks
  • Upgrading machines running legacy wired protocols
  • Distributed low-power computation
  • Single-board full mechatronics controller
Use it both for prototyping new applications running Portenta boards, but also when deploying in zero time.
From https://www.arduino.cc/pro/hardware/product/portenta-carrier

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