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Welcome from Greek Inventors. Full of optimism and positive energy, they promise to showcase innovative constructions.

Feeder Project

There is a 16x2 screen, 4x4 keyboard in the feeder. The system also makes voice announcements, "calling" dogs in this case at a frequency of 12,200KHz.

Mailbox Project

In short this project is a mailbox made by Theodoros Kosmidis and Kourtidis George. The mailbox records the number of letters and informs the owner.

Basketball Project

Arduino basket with large Display printed by 3d printer. Ready to be portable - Part 1.

Nixie Project

Our Nixie Clock project. A nice clock with antique lamps enclosed in a retro wooden box.

EggBot Project

EggBot is a handy open source art robot that can draw on objects that are usually "impossible" to print. Eggs, golf balls, lamps, and wine glasses.


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The Greek Inventors

The Greek Inventors are a small group - a group of two people (Theodoros Kosmidis and Giorgos Kourtidis), passionate about technology, living their vision. They create technological constructions, such as electronics and not only.

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